The Firm has over 15 years experience serving a wide range of clients form normal transactional work to litigation. The Firm has you and your business goals and objectives in mind. You and all your tax planning needs are in expert hands. Leave it to us.

We help with entity selection and will explain the advantages of being structured as a C Corporation for greater deductibility of expenses and liability protection from IRS penalties, interest and levies. We assist advice for setup of your chart of accounts to ensure you are able to deduct the greatest amount of expenses allowed under IRC 280E and Treasury Regulation 1.471. 
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Our firm attends the most important meetings in Sacramento to press the flesh and development relationships with persons that can make a difference. We stay abreast of what is transpiring in multiple counties. Mr. Homayouni is actively involved in the City of Sacramento, Plumas County, El Dorado County, Calaveras County, Santa Cruz County, Sonoma County status of regulations being drafted and considered by numerous  local County Supervisors and City Councils. It is critical you obtain advocates for your business that understand the regulations and where they are headed.
The Firm's combination of law and accounting makes us great Business Law advocates. We understand what it takes to actually run a business. Our business background is extensive from contract negotiations to writing the final agreements. We model out the financial effects and risks of the language contained in the agreements. 

We can provide advice for leases, employments matters, tax issues, equipment purchases, credit terms, accounting and IRS issues., It is our goal to be your partner and trusted resource for a wide range of services. No one passing the buck and blaming other consultants.

Some people think contracts and agreements are made to be broken. Mr. Homayouni has served a wide variety if clients in many business disputes and litigation. He has recovered over $20 million for his clients.

Unfortunately the Cannabis landscape is full of con artists and persons that believe they can take advantage of people they do business with. If you believe you have been taken for a ride, Mr. Homayouni is available for a free one hour initial consultation to discuss your case and provide an honest initial evaluation of you prevailing. 
 “Your forensic audit, the supervision of experts and the resultant reports; in tandem with your clear development of legal strategies and defenses from the on-set of the litigation proved to be the key to us prevailing in the resultant litigation and the award for $3.2 million. Your fees were worth every penny and I would highly recommend you to any person that is involved in complex litigation …”
Client, Scott Iwamoto
"During these trying times Dean has provided me with invaluable advice and was always there to answer my phone calls. We discuss numerous issues that are very personal and have no relationship to the formal legal work he has performed on behalf of my companies. I have no hesitation to call Dean since I know he will always give me straight talk and not beat around the bush. It does not matter if it is a weekday, weekend or10:00 pm, he always answers the phone and is prepared to discuss issues in detail.  I consider him to not only be a trusted confidant but also a trusted friend…”
Client, Michael Mukhtar
"I was referenced to Dean Homayouni by one of his high school firends. I was preparing to sign a $12,000 per month lease on a 1,000 square foot facility in San Mateo County. During the initial FREE CONSULT he spent four hours with me. He was very concerned about my plans and we did a financial projeciton model, went over the licening fees for the State of California and the City of Sacramento and where the industry is headed. He found me a 5,000 square foot facility in the City of Sacramento for half the price and discussed multi-tier cultivation. He really knows his stuff. I like his fixed fee price because I have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what the bill will be. We even reviewed two trace and trace systems. The experience has been fantastic…”
Client, Amador Sanchez
Mr. Homayouni is available seven days week, 24 x 7. The hardest step is to make the initial appointment. Pick up the phone and let's get started. 
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