Track and Trace Systems and Required Compliance

Track-and-Trace System/Requirements covers the requirements for licensees and/or designated track-and-trace account managers, including training, registration, plant tagging, and inventory tracking. The track-and-trace system will record the movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the state’s supply chain—from cultivation to sale.

There are many choices, but a general lack of integrated ERP systems that handle cultivation and full absorption accounting required by IRC 280E and Treasury Regulation 1.471. Let us show you how. 

California requires a Track and Trace system to record the cultivation and movement of Cannabis products through the supply chain. Many software companies have entered the Cannabis space and all claim they have the best solution. We have looked at multiple packages as we continue to seek a fully integrated ERP supply chain system. 

Choices are many, You have Metrc, MJFreeway, Proteus420, WebJoint, 365Cannabis, BioTrackTHC and many others. Mr. Homayouni has an extensive systems background and lead teams to install fully integrated ERP systems at over 30 companies. Cannabis cultivation and manufacturing is farming and manufacturing processes. Attaching the name "Cannabis" to the product does not mean it works. 

The systems we recommend are fully integrated ERP systems with a broad customer base and servicing many industries. The systems have to be full features with strong administrative capabilities and have many standard reports. 
We work with two system that we believe have the capability to handle both cultivation and manufacturing, have been tested, have thousands of customers and have been in business for over 20 years. The built in capabilities will blow you away. The systems we promote and recommend have the capability to supply the information you need to implement full absorption accounting as required by Treasury Regulation 1.471 and IRC 280E. When we began reviewing applications we listed the basic requirements the system had to to have to "make the grade".